‘I’ve been here for 12 years’: How a former employee of Disney’s Infinity was fired for being a racist

On February 9, 2018, a new employee of the Walt Disney Company, John S. Thompson, began his new job at the studio.

In his new role, Thompson was tasked with creating the Infinity game.

The game, which was in the works for more than a decade, was a direct response to Disney’s recent decision to make its own animated movies in 2020 and 2021.

As part of this change, Disney made it clear that any Infinity game would have to be created by an employee.

This meant that Thompson had to start from scratch.

This means that he was tasked, at first, with creating a “white ceiling” fan boat, which he described as “a water-based water source with an aluminum tube to carry water in and out of the water” for the game.

A screenshot of a white ceiling fan boat.

(Walt Disney/Infinity Studios) “We had to go out and look at the history of water,” Thompson told Recode.

“The water was the water was always there in the water.

The idea of using water to create the game is really the only way that we could possibly go forward.

We needed to start over and create something totally new.”

While this is the first time the developer of a video game has explicitly said that the Infinity team had to create a white-colored ceiling fanboat, the team at Infinity Games had already created white ceiling fans before, in the Disney Infinity game Journey.

This is also the first instance of a Disney Infinity employee being fired.

The company has since said that “in hindsight” Thompson was fired after the game was released.

He was replaced by a developer with more experience in video games.

(Disney Infinity Studios/Twitter) Infinity’s game also featured a white background, which also was a new element.

In addition to the water-themed fanboat concept, the game also had a “fan boat with a white floor” that would float up to the ceiling of a water-filled ship.

As a result, the company said that any other water-powered game would require a water boat to be added to the game, in addition to any other elements that might need to be made.

But as the developer explained to Recode, the white ceiling design didn’t seem to be a necessity at all.

“In a game that has no background, no lighting, no characters, and no lighting effects,” the developer said.

“It was like it was just another feature that we added for the sake of adding another feature.”

“We’ve been in the game business for a long time,” Infinity co-founder and CEO Joe Staten said in a statement.

“And we have been in this business for 12, 13 years.

We were never hired by any of the other studios in the company.

We have never been paid for a single game.”

Staten told Recidc that this was “the first time in our history that someone had to leave a job.”

“When we heard this, we were all shocked,” Staten said.

Infinity Games co-founders Joe Staten and Steve Beachem said the company had to hire a new developer after the white-color ceiling fanboats concept was dropped.

(Infinity Games/Twitter, screengrab) “The fact that the concept was scrapped is one of the most important lessons of this game, because it was the beginning of what would eventually become Infinity,” Staten told us.

“What happened to it was, they were all in the same room, and it was this one white ceiling.

It was really the beginning.”

A new developer, however, was hired.

As Recode reported at the time, this person worked in the studio for just one day before being fired, on the advice of a team member.

The next day, Infinity Games CEO Joe Sussman announced the news in a tweet, saying that the company would be hiring a new person.

“We’re hiring a person who will build a new white ceiling,” he wrote.

“They are the best people in the world.

Let’s get this done.”

Infinity has been around since the beginning.

According to the company’s website, it began as an early prototype in the late 1990s.

Infinity has made over 20 games, most recently the “Journey” video game series, which featured an animated movie-style world populated with water.

Infinity games are available in two modes: free-to-play and paid-for.

Both modes offer access to new game content as well as new features and content.

(Evan Vucci/Associated Press) Infinity Games has also been making games since at least 2015.

The studio’s last game, “The Last of Us,” was released on December 8, 2019.

The publisher said at the start of the game’s development that it would be a “first-person shooter” with an emphasis on storytelling and player interaction.

But the game quickly became

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