Which athlete will get the most money in free agency?

Fanning is the most likely candidate for the top spot on this list, but there are plenty of other names worth considering as well.

First up, we have Bryce Harper, who could earn a ton of money in a big deal after a strong first year in the big leagues.

He’s been one of the most productive players in baseball this year, leading the league in WAR (a statistic that measures a player’s impact on his team’s performance).

He also made the All-Star team this year.

With the Yankees reportedly interested in him, he’d make an excellent bargain at a bargain price.

Next up is former teammate Bryce Harper.

He won the National League MVP award in 2014 after a career-best 2.3 WAR.

He would also be an excellent value for a team that’s already invested heavily in a star, like the Nationals.

He’ll make a lot of money, and he’ll be in his prime by the time free agency hits in 2019.

If Harper were to re-sign with the Nationals, he would likely be the biggest name to hit the market.

Next is Ryan Braun, who was recently dealt to the Brewers.

He also won the MVP award and the World Series MVP in 2015.

His contract runs through 2019, and it’s highly unlikely that he’ll make much money as a free agent.

Braun’s contract is also highly unlikely to be renewed, so he’ll probably have to sit out next year if the Nationals don’t re-engage.

In the meantime, Braun is the favorite for the No. 3 spot on the list, which means that he would be one of two players who would earn a significant amount of money.

Next, we’ll talk about the top five.

Let’s see who the biggest free agents will be this offseason.

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