Why my ceiling fans are so noisy

Fans in your living room can be the source of loudest noise you hear in the day.

So what are they for?

We ask fans expert Ian McNeice to find out.

1:00 Fans can be loud and annoying When you’re living in a room with fans, it can be hard to get a good night’s sleep.

So why not get rid of the annoying fans?

Ian Mcneice explains why you should get rid your fans and get rid the annoying noise from your living space.

2:02 My ceiling fans aren’t as noisy as I thought they would be If you’ve got a noisy ceiling fan, you’re probably not alone.

The BBC’s Ian McNeil has been testing the noise from the fans and they have a reputation for being loud.

“They’re not as loud as they are in some cases, but they are quite noisy,” he says.

“I’ve seen them roar for three hours straight and I’ve had to take them out of the house.”

You’ll notice some fans are even louder than others.

Ian says there’s no way you could get rid them all.

“If you have a noisy fan, it will get louder,” he explains.

“It’s going to be louder than the rest.”

You’re unlikely to have to get rid any of your other fans.

But it’s important to get some fans out of your living rooms if you want to sleep soundly.

Here are some tips on getting rid your fan.

“We had some very noisy fans on the roof of our house, which were really loud,” he adds.

“So we had to make a decision.

Do we keep the noisy fans around or do we get rid these fans?”

Ian recommends getting rid any fans that are not the right size.

“The smaller the fan, the more likely you are to hear it, and it can also get louder as you’re moving the fan around,” he warns.

“You want to get the fans that have the right sound.”

If you do get rid some of your fans, be sure to keep the other fans away from the ceiling fan and at least a metre from your bedside.

“Even if you’re a fan of an older style of fan, I’d be very careful about getting rid it because it can get really noisy,” says Ian.

“There are a few places where it can cause a problem, and you should try to avoid them.”

Here’s a list of places you should avoid getting rid fans from: bedroom windows, the ceiling fans in your dining room, your dining table, the fans in the kitchen, or in your bathroom.

You’ll also want to avoid the fan in your bedroom if you have one.

If you’re not sure if you need to get your fans out, check with your local council.

There are some different types of fans that you can get rid from your home.

They include: Fans for carpeting, window shades, furniture, appliances and even kids’ toys.

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