How the Internet of Things is disrupting our everyday lives

It was an odd and somewhat unexpected discovery in a post-Christmas shopping trip, and it was a gift that turned out to be more than it seemed. 

A year after I started my career as a software developer, I had the same idea: what if the internet of things could replace our old phone? 

The idea came from a conversation I had with an engineer at an electronics company about the rise of the internet-connected home.

The conversation led to the idea that our phones were getting increasingly more powerful and connected to our homes, but this was also an idea about the internet that was coming to a head.

“So the question becomes: what does the internet do that I don’t have access to? 

The engineer asked, and this is where the concept of the “internet of things” comes in. “

The internet of today has more than doubled the bandwidth of the telephone, which is great, but what about the data that we’re sending and receiving?”

The engineer asked, and this is where the concept of the “internet of things” comes in. 

As more and more products and services become connected, the internet is going to get bigger. 

And as the data is being sent and received more and longer, it is becoming more and better at processing and storing it all. 

“So when I see the internet and I see that it’s a bigger data centre, then I think ‘wow, this is going very well’,” said the engineer. 

That is exactly what we are seeing today, as devices that can sense your physical environment and respond in real time are becoming commonplace.

A few years ago, the idea of connected cars was a new one.

“But we’ve only seen that one vehicle connected to the internet, and that’s it,” said the manager of the factory in question. 

But it was also possible to imagine the internet being used to make a car that could communicate with your home, and with your car itself.

“A car can talk to a home through your mobile phone,” said Mr Vickers, adding that in some cases, the car could also use Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. 

So, in many cases, cars that were previously connected to your phone could be connected to you through the internet. 

While we are still waiting to see if this is something that can be used in real life, the Internet is definitely here. 

If you want to hear more from our new project team on the internet weblog, click here.

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