The ‘Hunting Fan Parts’ documentary reveals the horror of a mass murder in Canada

Hunter Fan’s murder in Ottawa in August 2016 was an unspeakable crime.

The killer, Johnathon Baugh, stabbed his wife to death and then strangled her to death.

The brutal murder was the result of a long-running feud between Baugh and his family.

Fan, a young man who attended a community college, was the son of a prominent local business owner.

He worked as a carpenter for a family business, which was also the source of a major financial support.

His father was a former head of the business and the two were close.

Fan’s mother and sister lived with him and his father.

Fan also worked as an apprentice for the family’s home decorator, who had a history of domestic violence.

His brother, James, a former partner in the business, was also close to Baugh.

Baugh was the head of a local community centre and Fan’s father owned the building.

He was a man with a deep hatred of the police and the police force.

He hated the media and the people who worked for the police.

The police had a vendetta against Baugh that went back to the early 1980s.

It is not clear whether Baugh had an accomplice, but the case remains unsolved.

The story of Hunter Fan, the man who killed his wife, and his death in Ottawa are horrifying.

In 2017, we published Hunter Fan: The Man Who Killed His Wife and His Father, a book by Canadian journalist, writer and filmmaker, who chronicled the events of that tragic night.

In the years that followed, Fan’s story came to be known as a “serial killer story.”

It was the subject of numerous feature films and television programs, but Fan’s true identity was never fully revealed.

Fan had a long criminal record and he had been convicted twice in Ontario for assault and assault with a weapon.

He had been released from prison and was living in a Toronto home.

In May 2017, the Toronto police finally admitted the truth about Fan’s life.

The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) broadcast a documentary about the case that was produced by Hunter Fan and his brother, Ian, a writer for the popular CBC program The Man With No Name.

The documentary featured the testimony of a number of witnesses and forensic experts who testified that Fan was responsible for the murders.

A number of other people came forward to claim that Fan had killed them.

They included family members, police, lawyers, members of the community, and even the chief of police.

In June 2017, Baugh confessed to the murders and admitted to his involvement in the murders, but he was not found guilty.

The Crown and the judge agreed to allow Fan’s release on bail in the hopes that he would become a productive member of society.

In October 2017, Fan was finally allowed to live in a secure and stable community with his brother and other family members.

In November 2017, he moved back to Canada and began working for the local police force, a job that he was eager to fulfill.

He earned an impressive reputation as a professional killer and he made a lot of money as a builder, carpenter, and gardener.

He also owned a large house in Scarborough that was worth hundreds of thousands of dollars.

The community had high hopes for Fan, and they had even raised money to build a new house for him.

He became the face of the Canadian Police Service (CPS) and he became a fixture of the public eye.

Fan was given a new home, which he used to spend his time working on his business and living a normal life.

Fan would often attend community meetings and social events and attend the funeral of someone close to him.

Fan became a popular member of the Scarborough community and became a beloved figure.

He did well in his new home and enjoyed the company of his family, friends, and neighbours.

But, as he told the CBC, “I am not happy.

I am not content.

I want to go back to work.

I have a plan.

I know I am going to die.

I will never be satisfied.”

He became depressed and depressed.

He went to his friend’s house to get some medication.

At one point, Fan called his mother, who was sitting at the kitchen table, to tell her what was happening.

He said that he had a confession to make and he was going to kill his mother.

“She said, ‘Oh, that’s OK.

I can understand that,'” he said.

Fan left his mother’s house that day.

In December 2017, Ian and Hunter Fan were arrested in Toronto.

Ian was convicted of second-degree murder, second-class possession of a firearm, second class possession of cannabis, second and subsequent offences of sexual assault and sexual interference, and possession of marijuana with intent to produce a controlled substance.

Ian Baugh admitted to two of the charges, but admitted to the charges of first-degree and second-level murder, and he has been sentenced to life in prison.

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