When the vornado was just a fan box, it was ‘beautiful’

A Vornado has won the hearts of many fans by offering a breathtaking view of Sydney’s skyline.

The Vornada Tower Fan Box, a stylish little fan box with a large hole in the middle of the box, was unveiled at the Sydney Opera House on Friday, and is being offered for $100,000.

It is the second time the Vornados’ signature design has won awards, following in 2016 with the Vero Tower Fanbox.

It has a design inspired by the Sydney Harbour Bridge and has a large window to the upper part of the building.

The opening was described as “beautiful”.

“It was an opportunity to make a statement and create a visual that is not only very beautiful, but also quite a bit more affordable than a regular fan box,” Vornadas marketing manager Nick Wootton told ABC Radio Sydney.

“We’ve got this big window, so you can see the whole thing and not only that, but you can actually see into the roof.”

The vornados are designed by artist J.T. Wootons, who is known for his geometric-inspired designs.

His website shows that he has also designed the fan box for the Opera House.

The box will be available at the Varnadas on November 1.

The first Vornadas fan box was designed in 2005 by the team at Vero Architects.

It was sold for $6,000 and was discontinued in 2012, when it was discontinued.

The design is currently available for pre-order from Vero.

A Varnado’s fan box is shown at the Opera Houses on Friday.

“The design was created by J. T. Wottons, but he has a much wider palette of experience than any of the other designers,” Mr Woottons said.

“I think the Vorns have really struck gold with this design.”

The Vorns fan box design was inspired by Sydney Harbour Bridges The Vurnados are also making their second fan box.

The original was designed by J T Wottos.

It won a prestigious Australian Award in 2010 for its design, and has since become one of the most sought-after fan boxes in the world.

It came with a glass base, and can be set on a metal stand for a “seamless installation”.

A Vurnada fan box won the 2013 Australian Design Award for its stylish design.

A model sits on a fanbox, and it has a glass top.

The interior of the fanbox has been designed by Australian design and design firm Bjarke Ingels.

The team has been designing fan boxes for over 30 years.

“It’s really about the history of fan boxes,” Mr Ingels told the ABC.

“Fans have always been used to be a source of inspiration and the people who created them were trying to take that and put it to use.”

Mr Ingles said it was important for fans to “get behind the idea”.

The vampiric Vornadoes were designed by architect and artist J T.W. Wontons in 2000.

The vorns are now being offered as a gift to the public, and as part of a new fundraising initiative for the Verenas.

The fans are designed to have a lifespan of about 10 years, but it is hoped that they will be able to be recycled.

“They have been designed with a purpose, so they will not only be used for a long time, but for a very long time,” Mr Stans said.

The public can order the fan boxes on the Vurnadas website.

“One thing I have been saying is that it is very easy to get your feet wet and to get involved,” Mr Dolan said.

It’s not the first time the designers have made a statement with their designs.

In 2011, they unveiled a fan-themed statue of the Vampires, designed by the Melbourne artist Tom Clements.

The statue is being donated to a local museum.

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