Zelda Fan Art on the Go – USB Fans

LED lights, fans and even light bulbs are now available for a very low price.

This article originally appeared on TechRadar and is reproduced here as a freebie.

For those who love Zelda, there is no better way to experience the iconic hero than through the light of their favorite Nintendo Switch console.

Zelda fans will find the new fan art on the Nintendo Switch eShop.

It is an amazing piece of fan art that includes Zelda characters, characters from The Legend of Zelda series, as well as more Nintendo characters.

The creator of the fan art shared the below image of the Zelda fan art in his tweet.

It has been a long time coming, Zelda fans!

We have finally received the Zelda Fan art.

This is an awesome piece of work!

Keep the hype coming!

Stay tuned!

#NintendoSwitchFanArt ————–The Zelda FanArt by @zepolotz has been released!

This is a very special piece of art, created by a very talented fan.


————–Linkin Park Fans are going crazy over this Nintendo Switch fan art.

They even had to do a little math.

————–It’s hard to keep up with all of the new Switch fan artwork.

Check out this Zelda fan artwork!

————Check out this cool Zelda fan, who just got a new Switch.

————The Legend of Tomatoes has taken Zelda fan artists to another level with this amazing fan art!

—————I am really excited to have the Zelda fans at my house.

The Zelda Fanart has inspired me to create my own fan art and share it with the world!

_____The Zelda fanart is awesome!

The original creator of this fan art said he created it for Zelda fans because he thought it would be cool if they could share their favorite characters.

_____I love this fan, but I love all of them.

They all look amazing.

I love how the light and color of the light bulbs adds to the visual experience.

______This Zelda fan created a beautiful fan art using the new LED lights on the new Nintendo Switch. 

He used the Nintendo Light Kit, which is available on Amazon for $59.99.

____This fan created the most stunning fan art with the new Zelda fan lighting!

The light is perfect for the Zelda game world.

_______My favorite Zelda fan is just like you!

He has been using this fan to create his fan art for a few years.

It’s a perfect example of how to combine light and style with your favorite characters in a fan art style that makes you feel like you are inside the game.

__________My favorite fans are all in this Zelda Fan, created with the Nintendo Lights Kit.

He used it to create a fanart of his favorite characters with his favorite Zelda character, Linkin Park.

He said it took him about 2 weeks to create this fan and is looking forward to seeing the finished product.

__________________________My wife and I love the new lighting on this Zelda fans favorite character, Zelda!

She said she’s so excited that this fan is making her life easier and making her more of a Zelda fan.

____________________________________I can’t wait to have a Zelda Fan at my place!

__________________________________This Zelda Fan is a fan who made this fan for his son.

He made this one using a simple LED light.

___________________________________________________________________________If you love the Switch, you can’t help but love Zelda fan work.

The new Nintendo LED lights are going to change the way you interact with your Switch.

Check them out on Amazon and at your local Nintendo retailer.

___________________I can see why people are so excited about the new LEDs.

They look cool.

They make the Switch feel like it’s actually on the go.

__________________________________________________________________This fan just wanted to share his favorite Nintendo characters in his fanart.

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