Dakota Fanning: The Naked Girl of ‘The Hunger Games’

Dakota Fanting’s nude scenes in the first installment of the “Hunger Games” franchise are now the subject of a controversial online discussion on Reddit.

In a thread on r/nakedgirls, user ella_fanning said fans of the film’s female protagonist “Dakota Fanning” were upset by her naked scenes.

The woman, who has been dubbed a “nude slut” by some in the nude-movie community, wrote that she would be posting nude photos of herself as a “public service announcement.”

She also said fans should be concerned about the potential negative effects of the video on the young women who watch it.

“You will see a young woman who has had to live with the effects of this video for years and it will be very hard to trust her,” ella wrote.

Fans also slammed the actress’ use of her own name and that of her film’s production company, saying it made it “look like you are an agent.”

But the actress did not back down.

She defended her use of the actor’s name and said that the film is “about a woman and a hero who has to survive in the world of Hunger Games.”

“I know there are those who would say I have been dishonest,” Fanning wrote in the thread.

“They could say I should have used the actor and the company name and put up with all the negative publicity.”

In a statement, the producer of the series, Gary Ross, defended Fanning, saying she “has been a longtime supporter of the cause of nude entertainment and will continue to do so.”

“In this case, we have chosen to use the actress Dakota Fan, and her name is Dakota, in our films, to promote a cause that is very important to her,” Ross wrote.

“We do not use the actor to further her career or for commercial gain, and have no intention of doing so.”

The comments were not the first to call attention to Fanning’s nude body, but they have a special meaning in the “Hobbit” fandom.

Fans have long been interested in Fanning for her role as Katniss Everdeen, the youngest of the four main characters.

In the novel, the teenage heroine, whose real name is Sophie Turner, is the first female character to be featured nude in the books.

She is the only one of the other main characters who does not appear in the films.

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